Thank you so much! My overo paint is so happy with your product. Last summer was really bad she got burned and my vet had to do a biopsy because he didn’t know what was wrong…results were a sunburn. All summer is put gooey baby sunblock on her every morning. We have had a very hot winter here in CA and she already has begun shedding. I just received your product and am so happy. Not only is it protecting her but her beautiful face is bright and white instead of gooey with sunblock. Photo if myself and my paint Kachina. Thank you again!!!

I’ve been using My Pony Sunblock on my boy for 3 years, I’m still using last years this year ( first pot got dropped a few times so ran out) I bought my first and second one from the States. I apply it every evening and if I ride during the day I reapply. It does last 24 hrs, it leaves a thin film on my boys nose and eye. It is water proof and you can apply it to a wet or dry area. I apply Billy’s, with the sponge supplied, as a powder, you can apply it as a paste. I wouldn’t use anything else on him. Here he is with it on. 

Jaq O'keeffe

I started using your product about a month ago and I’ll never use anything else! My pony used to be so bad for liquid sunscreen, but he doesn’t mind My Pet Sunblock!

Emily Grimstead

Nothing comes close to being as good as this product. It’s a sunburn saviour!!

Kerry Smith

I wouldn’t use anything else on my boy. It’s excellent stuff

Jaq O'keeffe

Juno thanks my pet sunblock for keeping his vitiligo nose and eyebrows protected!

Olivia Arndt