About My Pet Sunblock

Esthetician Takes Experience and Expertise to the Horses! 

Bonnie Riedl would place her love of and interest in horses at the top of her list of favorite things. As an owner of five horses, she is devoted to caring for them. So when she noticed that her paint horses were experiencing sunburn, she set out to do something about it and My Pony Sun Block was born.


“As a licensed esthetician and LPN, I know what serious damage the sun can do to the skin,” Bonnie said. “Treating damaged skin, for the past twenty years, has made me doubly aware of the risk of skin cancer and that doesn’t just apply to people. In my practice I also treat many patients who have recently undergone laser repair of their skin. After laser treatments they can only apply a very limited number of products due to the sensitivity of the skin. I thought ‘Why couldn’t a similar type of product be applied to my paint’s un-pigmented and sun sensitive areas?’ ”


Bonnie began working with different formulas, in an effort to create a topical product that would provide authentic, non-allergenic skin protection for her horses. Initially, she tested it on her own horses and had wonderful results. Riedl then conferred with several equine veterinarians and found them to be equally excited about the product. ” My Pony Sun Block, became just what the doctor, or in this case the veterinarian ordered,” shared Riedl.


“It is gratifying to be able to share this exciting new formula with other horse owners around the world. Owning a horse requires a great investment of time, love and money, and owners want to care for their pets in the best possible way. My Pet Sunblock will help to insure that horses get the best available protection from the sun through a product that is both easy to use and affordable too!” said Riedl.

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